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Satire / Humour

The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, apparently. Yet, to get someone’s attention, head for their funny bone. 

Humour underpins our work. Most notably with sites like:


We’re cool… having worked on projects with labels such as, Scotts Menswear, New Balance, Uni Hill, L’Oréal and Ciencia – as well as fashion platforms like Dazed & Confused, The Sabotage Times and VICE.


We have great experience in the food world, producing content for brands, restaurants and platforms. 


Music is one of our passions. We’ve written for artists, major publications and apps such as NME, Mixmag, Beatport, Spotify, iDJ, VICE, Magnectic and Ibiza Voice. 


We script TVC’s and digital ads.

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